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soal bahasa inggris smk kelas x

The text is for number 1 – 5
At Clifton Police Station the telephone rings…
Policeman : Clifton Police Station. Can I help you?
Mrs. Mary : Yes. I am Mr. Mary. Well, Mandy-that’s my little daughter-left home this morning at about a quarter to nine. Then, her teacher telephoned me about an hour quarter ago and asked if Mandy was ill. I said, “No. Why?” and then she said, “Well, Mandy hasn’t come to school yet. “ So I said I didn’t know where she was. Then, I decided to ring you.
Policeman : Quite right. Perhaps she went home to a friend? have you asked your neighbours?
Mrs. Marry : yes, I have. I’ve rung all the neighbours and they hadn’t seen her, and their children are all at school and………
Policeman : I see now, let’s have a few details. How old is Mandy?
Mrs. Mary : She’s six years old.
Policeman : And what does she look like?
Mrs Mary : She’s got long fair hair with a red ribbon. She’s got blue eyes.
Policeman : And what’s she wearing?
Mrs. Mary : She’s wearing a grey coat and brown shoes, red tights-or…..greenshirt and red sweater. Yes, that’s right.
Policeman : We’ll do our best to find her, Mrs. Mary. I expect she’s just playing truant. As soon as we find her. We will give you a call.
Mrs. Marry : Thank you. Goodbye.
Policeman : Goodbye.

1.    Who is calling the police?
a.    Mrs. Mandy                d. Mr. Clifton
b.    Mrs. Marry                  e.  Neighbour
c.    Mandy’s teacher
2.    Why is she doing it?
a.     Because her daughter is naughty
b.     Because Mandy’s teacher called her
c.     Because the neighbour hadn’t seen Mandy
d.    Because Mandy  is missing
e.     Because Mandy playing truant
3.    When did Mandy leave home?
a.   08.45 a.m                    d.  09.15. a.m
b.   08.15 a.m                    e.  08.45 p.m
c.   09.45 a.m

12. X   :  The weather is hot
Y   :   …………………we need fresh air.
a.   Close all the door
b.   Turn on the heater
c.   Open all windows
d.   Get closer to the fireplace
e.   Drink hot coffee
13. X   :   How is your sister?
Y    : I’m not sure. The operation wasn’t successful.
X    :   ………….
a.   Oh I’m sorry to hear that
b.   She’s great
c.   She’s friendly
d.   Congratulation
  e.  It’s cool!
14.  A  :   Hello , I am Vera and this is Cevin
B  :   …………
a.  Thank you very much
b.  Hi, nice to meet you
c.  I’m sorry to hear that
d.  I’m glad to hear that
e.  will you be here?
15.  X  : Why are you sneezing?
Y  :  I’m allergic to smoke.
X  :  Oh,…………..for causing you such an inconvenience.
a.   would you mind
b.   may I be excused
c.   please, excuse me
d.  I am terrible sorry
e.   I beg you to apologize
16.  I……… the airport yesterday.
a.  go                             d. am going
b.  went                         e.  have gone
c.  will go
17.  X  :   What is your father?
Y  :   He’s a………..
X  :   What does he do?
Y  :   He report news for newspaper or on radio or TV.
a.  journalist                  d.  dentist
b.  editor                       e.  actor
c. reporter

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4.    What did Mandy wear?
a.      Grey coat and black shoes
b.      Green shirt and brown sweater
c.      Red sweater and green shirt
d.     Red ribbon and yellow tights
e.      Pink sweater and grey coat
5.       Which statement is CORRECT according to the text?
a.     Mandy went to school at 7 o’clock
b.    Mandy’s eyes are blue.
c.     Mandy goes to Junior High School
d.    Mandy’ s hair is long and wavy
e.     Mrs. Mary calls the police at 8.45 p.m
6.       X   :  It’s hot and dark
Y   :  ………………
a.   Shall I open the window?
b.   Would you like to turn off the lamp?
c.   Can you close the door?
d.   Is there a fan?
e.   The electricity went out.
7.   I enjoyed the football match. It was quite…..
a.   Excite                             d. Exciting
b.   Excited                           e.  To excite
c.   Excitement
8.   Look!Rani is singing. She…….sing very well.
a.   will                                 d. must
b.   shall                                e. can
c.   may
9.   My name is Robert. I am an Australian because I live in Australia since I was born. I speak…..
a.   English                            d. Aussie
b.   Aborigin                          e. Australianese
c.   Australian language
10. A  :            Hi, Ghea……?
B  :            Pretty well.
a.   where are you from
b.   how’s life
c.   do you see anything
d.   everything is fine
e.   thank you
11. “Thank you very much” is an expression of …………
a.   gratitude                         d.  dislike
b.   hope                               e.  sympathy
c.   agreement

18.    The Presidential Election is held on 8th July 2009. How do you read the underlined sentence?
a. July eight two thousand and nine
b. The eighth of July two thousand and nine
c. The eight of July two thousand and nine
d.            Eight July two thousand nine
e. Eighth July two thousand nine
19.    I thought the movie was very funny. ………..was a good comedy.
a. They                            d. It
b. He                                e. She
c. Its
20.    X    :   Excuse me,……………………….     I want to type this letter.
Y    :    Sure.
a.  Can I borrow the dictionary?
b.  Would you mind if I use this computer?
c.  May I meet the secretary?
d.  Would you type this letter?
e. Would you mind not touch this computer?

B.   Answer the questions below correctly!
1. Describe about yourself!
2. My mother give me……….
3. Move the sentence below into negative and interogative!
a. Kokom and Neneng enjoy the party at all.
b.My brother watched TV in the livingroom
4. How do you ask your friend to turn off the lamp?
5. What do you say to your grandma if she give you a new shoes on your 17th birthday?

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