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soal bahasa inggris smk kelas xi

The text is for number 1 – 5
Teacher  : What are you going to do after you graduate, Danak?
Danak    : Oh, I’m planning to go to college.
Teacher  : What do you plan to study?
Danak    : I’m thinking of majoring in chemistry.
Teacher  : Hmmm, that’s a good field. And what about you, Neneng?
Neneng  : I hope to go to Bali
Teacher  : Oh, really? And what are you going to do there?
Neneng  : I think I’ll just travel around for a while.
Teacher  : Lucky you! Aya, what do you think you’re going to do?
Aya        : Well, I am going to go to college, but maybe I have to postpone it and get a job instead. I just don’t have the money right now.
Teacher  : Yeah, I know what you mean. Money is tight these days. And you, Yudha?
Yudha   : I prefer majoring in automotive engineering.
Teacher  : Do you want to be a mechanic?
Yudha   : Yes, a professional mechanic and racer. That’s my dream.
Teacher  : Well, guys, now, I’m so sure, all of you have planned your own future. Make it real and wish you good luck.

1.    Who wants to travel around Bali?
a.    Danak                       d. The teacher
b.   Aya                           e.  Yudha
c.    Neneng
2.    What is Danak going to do after he graduates?
a.     He is going to go to college
b.     He is going to travel around Bali
c.     He is going to be a racer
d.    He is going to get a job
e.     He is going to be a professional mechanic
3.    Which statement is INCORRECT according to the text?
a.    Aya is going to get job before go to college
b.    Danak is going to go to college

c.    Yudha is going to be a professional mechanic
d.   Aya is going to go to college after get job
e.    Yudha is going to be a racer
4.    I am going to go to college.
The tense which is used in the sentence is…..
a.                   Present continuous
b.                  Past continuous
c.                   Simple present
d.                  Simple future
e.                   Simple past
5.    What is Neneng going to do after she graduates?
a.       He is going to go to college
b.      He is going to travel around Bali
c.       He is going to be a racer
d.      He is going to get a job
e.       He is going to be a professional mechanic
6.      Receptionist :  Good morning, Orchid Hotel. May I help you?
Caller            :  ………….
a.    Could I have an avocado juice
b.    Could I make reservation for Jakarta today?
c.    Could I book a table, please?
d.   I’d like to reserve a twin room, please?
e.    What does the train leave?
7.      Ticket officer   : ………..
Mr. Andres      : I want to know the Gajayana train schedule for this evening, please?
a.                   What I want?
b.                  Could you have something for me?
c.                   May I help you?
d.                  Can you tell me the train schedule for me?
e.                   What can you do for me?
8.      You went to Paris last month,………..?
a.      Do you                      d.           Did you
b.      Don’t you                  e. Didn’t you
c.      Aren’t you
9.      What is your hobby? I like………..
a.      watch TV                  d.           watching TV
b.    watched TV                e.           is watch TV
c.                   do watch TV

10.    X  : Why don’t you eat this food?
Y  : ……….
a.  It’s too hot                        d.  I like it
b.  It’s enough hot                  e.  I’ll wrap it
c.  It’s delicious enough

11.  A  :  Why don’t you open the window?
B  :  ……
a.  It’s too hot here
b.  It’s fresh enough
c.  It’s dark for me
d.  It’s too deep for my eyes
e.  Because I need you
12.  Below are some ethics in telephoning, except…….
a.  Don’t interrupt!
b.  Focus at the conversation
c.  End the call as soon as possible
d.  Always smile in the mouthpiece
e.  Answer the call as soon as possible
13.  A  :  Could you put me to 727 to Mr. Nelson?
B  :  ………..
a.  Yes, sure Mr. Nelson
b.  Certainly, may I help you?
c.  Who’s speaking, please?
d.  Would you like to leave a message, Sir?
e.  Good morning.
14.  The mini market………..we bought our cakes from is closed.
a.  where                                 d.  who
b.  which                                 e.  whose
c.  whom
15.  X  :   What is your father?
Y  :   He’s a/an……
X  :   What does he do?
Y  :   He report news for newspaper or on radio or TV.
a.  journalist                            d.  dentist
b.  editor                                 e.  actor
c. reporter
16.  Mother always……….me a story before I go to sleep.
a.  to tell                                 d.  told
b.  telling                                 e.  tell
c.  tells
17.  X  :  Why didn’t you call me?
Y  :  I…………your number.
a.  forget                                 d.  forgot
b.  forgets                               e.  forgetting
c.  will forget

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18. Dude  :  It will be along weekend next week. What is your plan?
Echa  :  ……There will be a family outing sponsored by the office.
a.       We have gone by a tourist bus
b.      We are going to go to Anyer
c.       We stayed in a cottage
d.      We have a barbecue
e.       We joined the tour

19. I saw an accident while I……………for the bus.
a.  was waiting                       d.  had wait
b.  is waiting                           e.  will wait
c.  am going to wait
20.  A  :  Why are you filling that bucket with water?
B  :  I…………my car.
a.  have washed                      d.  wash
b.  am washing                        e.  will wash
 c.  am going to wash

B. Answer the questions below correctly!
1.  X  : Good morning, Garuda Airlines. ……………….
Y  : Yes, I would like to reserve two business tickets to Sydney.

2.  Give 2 examples of “gerund as prohibition”!

3.  - Mr. Ahmad is my father.
- He is praying in the mosque.
Combine into good sentence using relative pronoun!

4.  What does a mechanic do?

5.  Make a dialog based on the situation below :
You have no activity tomorrow. You have an idea to invite your friend to go to music concert. You phone him, but he is out. So, you want to leave a message for him.
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